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The XPlanar tile is the highly compact drive of the XPlanar system. The power supplied is converted into a precisely controlled electromagnetic field, which causes the XPlanar mover to float and guides it with maximum freedom of movement over the XPlanar system. All components required to generate and control the electromagnetic field are integrated in the XPlanar tile. This includes both the coil groups and the associated power electronics as well as the position detection and the power supply unit, including the EtherCAT G communication. For the user, the result is a compact and functional design that significantly reduces the installation work and the footprint of the entire system.

The arrangement of the XPlanar tiles is freely definable. Square, rectangular, L-shaped or annular systems are easily realizable. An offset arrangement of the tiles is possible for optimal space utilization. Individual tiles can be added even after the initial installation in order to adapt the XPlanar system to new challenges. For special applications, XPlanar tiles can be removed horizontally or vertically from the tile group by additional actuators at the application runtime. This results in maximum flexibility and future-proofness for the user when designing his individual XPlanar system.

It is also possible to adapt the XPlanar system to different environmental and production conditions. By applying plastic films, glass panes or non-magnetic stainless steel to the surface of the tile, it is reliably protected against liquids, cleaning agents or mechanical influences. The XPlanar system can therefore be used even under demanding hygienic conditions. Due to smooth and edge-free surfaces and the elimination of mechanisms that require intensive cleaning, the user of a production plant saves himself the usual manual cleaning work.

The XPlanar tiles and all other components of the XPlanar system are developed and manufactured by Beckhoff. We are happy to support you with our expertise, from the product idea to the series application.

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