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CX2043 | Basic CPU module

CX2043 | Basic CPU module

CX2043 | Basic CPU module

Status LEDs
Battery compartment
(behind the flap)
Ethernet and USB connection
DVI D connection
Multi optional interface
(e.g. RS232, PROFIBUS,
CX2043 | Basic CPU module

CX2043 | Basic CPU module

The CX2043 is a modularly expandable Embedded PC for DIN rail mounting and has an AMD Ryzen™ V1807B CPU with a clock speed of 3.35 GHz and four cores. The power supply unit required for operation enables the direct use and connection of all Beckhoff I/O components to this CPU module.

The TwinCAT automation software turns the CX2043 system into a high-performance PLC and Motion Control system that can be used with or without visualization. Both TwinCAT 2 in 32-bit mode and the latest TwinCAT 3 version in 64-bit mode are supported. Continuing support for TwinCAT 2 by the CX2033 and CX2043 guarantees investment protection for projects and systems that were or will be created with this 32-bit generation.

The devices from the CX20x3 series are characterized by outstanding real-time characteristics under the highest computing loads. This enables deterministic processing with short cycle times on the individual cores of the CPUs.

The basic equipment of the hardware includes two independent Gbit-Ethernet interfaces, four USB 3.1 Gen. 2 ports, one DVI-D interface and a multi-option interface that can be equipped ex factory with a flexible choice of further interfaces (e.g., serial port, fieldbus, or second video connection).

The internal RAM size is 8 GB; up to 16 GB are also optionally possible. The controller boots from the CFast card and has an internal 128 kB NOVRAM for use as a persistent data memory.

The CX2043 is cooled by a high-quality speed-monitored and speed-controlled fan. The fan cartridge features wireless contacting and is easy to replace.

The operating system employed is Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC, optionally in the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

Other components from the CX2000 family can be connected via the multi-pin terminals on either side. Up to four modules of the type CX2500-xxxx can be connected on the left side of the basic CPU module. The connection order is irrelevant. Internally, the modules are connected via PCI Express and can be plugged to the CPU in the field.

Modules of the type CX2550 (e.g., hard disks/SSD modules) and a power supply unit of the type CX2100-xxxx can be connected on the right. The power supply unit supplies power to the entire system of CPU module and all plugged optional components and, depending on the variant selected, also offers the functionality of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). All Beckhoff EL and KL terminals can be connected directly to the power supply unit. A compact unit comprising controller and I/O level is thus created on the DIN rail.

The extended operating temperature range from -25°C to +60°C enables the CX2043 to be used under climatically challenging conditions.

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