Mar 23, 2020

Beckhoff China fully functional again

Corona virus pandemic peak in the country overcome

China has now passed the peak of the corona virus crisis and survived the worst phase. Public life is returning to normal and the economy is also reviving again. Our subsidiary, Beckhoff China, is also once again fully operational.

As a globally active company with branches in 39 countries, Beckhoff became aware of the effects of the corona virus pandemic at an early stage. In China in particular, Beckhoff is represented by more than 20 sales offices in almost every part of the country. This includes Wuhan, where the virus first appeared and caused an especially high number of cases.
Beckhoff China relocated many different jobs to work from home early on. Work at the central dispatch warehouse and other areas was consistently reorganised under hygienic aspects to ensure that we could continue to serve all of our customers as usual. Beckhoff’s foresighted storage strategy of maintaining large quantities of Beckhoff products locally has contributed to this, ensuring that interruptions in the supply chain can be intercepted. Over the course of the crisis, minimum stock levels have been increased by deliveries from Germany as a further precautionary measure.

Naturally, all of our employees have uncompromisingly complied with the restrictions imposed by the authorities. Fortunately, none of Beckhoff China’s employees have been infected with the corona virus. We have the greatest respect for the achievements of our Chinese colleagues and the Chinese people!