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May 3, 2022

SANY adopts TwinCAT/BSD for the automation of wind turbines

The 3 MW and 4 MW prototypes of SANY Wind Power are the first wind turbines in the world to adopt the TwinCAT/BSD operating system

Prototypes of the new 3 MW wind turbine from SANY Wind Power are already in operation and successfully connected to the grid, while the 4 MW prototype will follow soon.

The main control system of these wind turbines is based on an Embedded PC and the TwinCAT/BSD operating system from Beckhoff Automation. This enables SANY to execute the C++ real-time control software in the multi-core capable TwinCAT 3 Runtime on the Unix- compatible and open-source operating system FreeBSD. A variety of the EtherCAT I/O modules from the -0018 series are used for this purpose, which have been developed specially to deal with harsh environments.