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EPxxxx | Industrial housing


EP1xxx | Digital input

The EP1xxx Box modules enable the connection of digital/binary sensors or switches directly in the machine.

EP2xxx | Digital output

The EP2xxx Box modules enable the connection of digital/binary actuators or other consumers directly in the machine.

EP23xx | Digital combi

The EP23xx I/O modules combine digital inputs and digital outputs in one device.

EP3xxx | Analog input

The EP3xxx Box modules process different analog input currents and voltages.

EP4xxx | Analog output

The EP4xxx Box modules process different analog output currents and voltages.

EP43xx | Analog combi

The EP43xx Box modules combine the acquisition of analog input and output currents and voltages in one module.

EP5xxx | Position measurement

The EP5xxx EtherCAT Box modules support other complex signals such as SSI encoders or incremental encoders.

EP6xxx | Communication

The EP6xxx modules support other interfaces such as RS232, RS485 or display modules.

EP7xxx | Compact drive technology

The EP7xxx modules enable the connection of various motors, such as servo, DC, stepper or roller motors.

EP8xxx | Special functions

The EP8xxx modules combine different digital and analog signals as well as complex signals in one functional unit.

EPxxxx | System

Various EtherCAT Box modules are also available for system tasks such as media converters, junctions, power distribution, etc.

EPxxxx | TwinSAFE/TwinSAFE SC

With the integration of TwinSAFE, the high performance of EtherCAT is now also available for safety technology.

Decentralized periphery for modern machine concepts

Modern machine concepts demand modular solutions with a decentralized periphery directly in the field. The sturdy, fully potted EtherCAT Box modules are ideal for wet, dirty or dusty environmental conditions and are placed directly on the machine without control cabinets or terminal boxes. The wiring of the modules with assembled cables simplifies the installation, avoids errors and shortens the commissioning time. Ready-made EtherCAT, power and sensor cables are available for the typical installation methods in large length graduations. Maximum installation flexibility is achieved with centimeter-precise cable lengths of the appropriate goods sold by the meter and connectors for field assembly. Depending on the application, the sensors and actuators are connected via M8 or M12 screw connectors, via D-sub connectors or, depending on the signal, via specific connectors.

The EtherCAT Box modules in a sturdy industrial housing cover a wide range of signals:

  • digital inputs with different input filters (3.0 ms, 10 µs or XFC), digital outputs with output currents up to max. 2.8 A per channel and total currents up to 16 A per box
  • digital and analog combination modules with freely selectable inputs or outputs, inputs or outputs for various analog signal levels with high resolution and accuracy
  • measuring signal types such as thermocouple and RTD inputs, condition monitoring and resistor bridges
  • complex signal types such as absolute or incremental encoders
  • connectivity modules (RS232/485, IO-Link)
  • compact drive solutions (stepper, DC and servomotor)

The variety of signals and sturdiness of the EtherCAT Box modules opens up many new application possibilities directly in the field. Together with the performance of EtherCAT XFC (eXtreme Fast Control) modules, like inputs with timestamp, a wide range of new applications are possible.

In addition, various EtherCAT Box modules are available for system tasks, such as media converter (optical fiber to CU), EtherCAT junction or power distribution with integrated electronic circuit breaker and data logging. An extended temperature range of -25…+60 °C (storage temperature -40…+85 °C) is offered as standard. Thus, the IP67 modules can also be used for extreme climatic zones.