Gebäude Beckhoff Automation Verl

Mar 12, 2020

First cases of corona virus quarantine at Beckhoff

Safety and business operations unimpaired

As a global company, Beckhoff operates on every continent and is represented by its own subsidiaries and employees. The corona virus has now spread throughout the world. In Asia, case numbers are stabilizing. In Europe, exponential development continues unchecked. North America shows similar tendencies but appears to be two weeks behind the European development. Other areas in the world seem to the following the European trend.

Two cases of corona virus among Beckhoff employees

Two cases of corona virus have been reported among Beckhoff employees so far - one employee in Israel and one employee in Verl, Germany. In both cases, the authorities have issued a quarantine order. Two further Beckhoff employees in Israel are also in quarantine. In Verl, the infected person had no contact with other Beckhoff employees after becoming infected and no further official measures were ordered for Beckhoff employees.

In Austria, one employee has been placed under official quarantine due to the possibility of indirect infection through a visit to a doctor's practice. The Israeli and Austrian employees currently show no symptoms of illness. The German employee displayed flu symptoms five days after his suspected infection but is currently free of fever and on the road to recovery.

Further precautions taken

As a preventive measure, Beckhoff Germany has sent approximately 20 further employees into quarantine ordered by the company. These employees are not classified as critical by the authorities. However, there is a slight chance that they could have come into contact with virus carriers as they were recently on holiday in an area that has now been declared a crisis region, for example. The company quarantine includes instructions not to work at company premises and a strict recommendation to remain at home under quarantine conditions.

All of the Beckhoff offices in Germany are not currently subject to quarantine measures. All Beckhoff companies worldwide continue to operate according to the legally prescribed or recommended conditions in their respective country.

Fortunately, apart from the above-mentioned cases, there appear to be no further infections among Beckhoff's international team - not in Italy and China and not even at our office in Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei.

Beckhoff’s operations without impairment

The health of Beckhoff's employees, their families and the respective companies is a top priority for Beckhoff. We are also pleased to be able to report that Beckhoff’s business operations and functions remain good and largely unimpaired in every country.

Beckhoff has adapted its functions and processes to these changed conditions. As many jobs as possible are being moved to home offices (800 out of 1000 in Germany). All production, warehousing and delivery functions are secured through separate spaces and schedules along with extensive hygiene measures.

Beckhoff would like to thank all of its employees who have supported these changes and restrictions in an exemplary way and with commitment.