Jul 15, 2021

First round of vaccinations completed

Beckhoff vaccination center

Positive news from Verl. As of the end of last week, Beckhoff has reached an important milestone with its vaccination center: The automation technology manufacturer was able to offer vaccinations to all of its employees and their family members who had previously announced interest in being vaccinated by the company.

The majority of the Beckhoff staff will already be fully vaccinated in August.
The majority of the Beckhoff staff will already be fully vaccinated in August.

"This means that all of the folks at Beckhoff who wanted to receive company vaccination have received at least one shot," smiles Frederike Beckhoff, who heads the small team that founded and set up the local Beckhoff vaccination center. She went on to say, "That excludes those who were infected in recent months and who are therefore not eligible for vaccination until after approximately six months have passed."

Beckhoff introduced wide-ranging protective measures against the corona virus for its employees right from the start of the pandemic. The vaccination center is the most recent definitive step in the struggle against the worldwide pandemic: "It is wonderful that vaccines were able to be developed so quickly. The nation-wide vaccination of the population is now essential for getting through this crisis and being able to live once again in the normality that we used to take for granted before COVID-19 struck. Each individual vaccination contributes to keeping the numbers of infections in Germany as low as possible so we can give the virus fewer opportunities to spread" – of that Frederike Beckhoff is sure. "That is why we are very pleased that 80 percent of our employees in Germany have received the first dose of vaccine. Just over half of them are even completely vaccinated. They were vaccinated either here or elsewhere. No later than by the beginning of September, everyone here will have also received their second shot," says Frederike Beckhoff.

Through its local vaccination activities at its headquarters in Verl, Beckhoff is accelerating the vaccination campaign for its employees and their family members and thereby also supporting the national vaccination strategy in Germany. Doctors with offices in Verl and other companies from the region have also been able to vaccinate their patients and employees as part of the Beckhoff infrastructure. These individuals have received both the first and second vaccination doses, which means that, as of today, a total of 6,800 people have received their shots at the Beckhoff vaccination center.