Sep 3, 2020

Maximum performance: gear unit series AG2400

High-end planetary gear unit with output flange: maximum performance

The superior AG2400 gear unit series is suitable for even the most demanding applications of our customers. The gear units offer maximum performance in terms of torque and speed transmission, with very low torsional backlash and running noise. Despite these outstanding technical characteristics, the gear units are very short and compact, enabling the user to implement exceptionally space-saving solutions.

Defines new standards in quality and running smoothness

Thanks to the output flange feature, very high torques can be transmitted directly without additional components such as couplings or similar. The series enables acceleration torques of up to 40,000 Nm and speeds of up to 7500 rpm. The use of tapered roller bearings makes the gear unit series capable of absorbing very high axial and radial forces. The helical gearing and high quality of the components guarantee very smooth running and low running noise. The torsional backlash is in the range of less than 3 angular minutes and can optionally be reduced to less than one angular minute.

Binary ratios available

Available in two gear stages and up to 17 gear ratios, the units offer versatile adaptability to the respective application and also include popular common binary ratios such as i=8, 32, 64.

High degree of flexibility and easy motor mounting

The interface to the adaptable motors is modular, with different clamping hub diameters, drive stages and mounting options. This allows a wide range of motor sizes to be mounted on the same gear unit. The motor can be mounted safely and accurately in a single step.