Apr 17, 2019

Hannover Messe 2019

XPlanar: Motion Revolution

The XPlanar stands for a revolution in motion control: maximum flexibility, long living, energy-efficient

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APSxxxx | XPlanar tiles

APSxxxx | XPlanar tiles

Highly compact and fully integrated drive units that allow any product to be lifted.

APM4220-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 0.6 kg payload

APM4220-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 0.6 kg payload

The APM4220-0000 XPlanar mover is the smallest mover in the APM4xxx family and is compatible with all APS4xxx-type tiles. With a payload of up to 600 g, the mover is ideal for handling small, lightweight products with a high packing density.

APM4330-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 1.8 kg payload

APM4330-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 1.8 kg payload

The APM4330-0000 XPlanar mover is the all-rounder of the APM4xxx family and is compatible with all APS4xxx-type tiles. With a load capacity of up to 1.8 kg, the mover is ideally suited for use as a universal tool for handling a wide variety of products in all industries. More elaborate workpiece carriers and structures can also be used to meet individual requirements.

APM4550-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 4.5 kg payload

APM4550-0000-0000 | XPlanar mover, 4.5 kg payload

The APM4550-0000 XPlanar mover is the strongest member of the APM4xxx family and is compatible with all tiles of the type APS4xxx. With a load capacity of up to 4.5 kg, the mover is suitable for the handling of larger and heavier products. Even more elaborate workpiece carriers and attached parts can be used to implement the individual requirements.

APS4322-0000-0000 | XPlanar tile, 240 mm x 240 mm

APS4322-0000-0000 | XPlanar tile, 240 mm x 240 mm

The APS4322 XPlanar tile measures 240 mm x 240 mm, making it ideal for the one-way operation of the APM4550 mover (measuring 235 mm wide) or the two-way operation of the APM42xx movers (measuring 115 or 127 mm wide). A minimum space requirement for corresponding XPlanar systems is guaranteed.

APS900x | XPlanar starter kits

APS900x | XPlanar starter kits

With the XPlanar starter kits, Beckhoff provides turnkey systems for a quick entry into the XPlanar technology. The starter kits are delivered pre-tested and fully assembled. XPlanar tiles, a robust machine bed, the XPlanar movers, a high-performance Industrial PC and a software example are included. Once they are out of the box, users can start to run their first tests immediately. The starter kits provide an overview of the technology’s basic capabilities and an impression of the real-world application programming. They make it easy to take the first step toward your first XPlanar application.