EJ4xxx | EtherCAT plug-in modules, analog output

The EtherCAT plug-in modules of the EJ4xxx series provide different analog signals as outputs. The standard signals typically encountered in the automation industry are supported, with the levels 0 to 10 V, ±10 V, 0 to 20 mA and 4 to 20 mA.

In terms of technology, the EJxxxx EtherCAT plug-in modules are usually based on the ELxxxx EtherCAT Terminals with matching name. This allows initial tests to be carried out with EL terminals, while the corresponding EJ module on the signal distribution board is used in subsequent series production.

Distributed clocks and XFC for speed and precision
Some analog EtherCAT plug-in modules are based on the XFC technology (eXtreme Fast Control), which enables rapid, deterministic reactions to be realized. This technology enables fast I/O response times, oversampling of the output signal and a temporally precise signal output to match a predetermined timestamp with a resolution of 1 ns. Highly accurate synchronization of all Distributed Clocks-capable devices in the network is attainable with a synchronization accuracy of << 1 µs with the EtherCAT cistributed clocks, which are implemented in some of the analog EJ4xxx EtherCAT plug-in modules.


  • robust output of analog signals with long-term availability
  • finely scalable channel density, signal resolution and functionality
  • extensive setting and diagnostic options in the modules via the EtherCAT bus
  • distributed clocks for precise, time-based signal output and synchronization of the network
  • optionally calibrated modules

Areas of application:

  • production machines
  • test systems
  • condition monitoring
  • energy generation systems

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