PS3000 | Power supplies

The compact power supplies from the PS3000 series achieve long service lives with high reliability through high efficiencies. A powerful extra power with a 150 % peak performance is available for a maximum of 4 seconds, the mode of operation according to the UI characteristic curve also allows the starting of heavy loads. In many cases this allows the use of a device from a lower performance class, as a result of which mounting space and costs are reduced. As a supplement, some devices offer the hiccup mode, which protects cables and plant parts in case of short circuit. High interference immunity to transients and overvoltage as well as low electromagnetic interference emissions make use in virtually any environment possible. The peak power capability enables the safe and precise tripping of circuit breakers.

The PS3000 series features 1-phase and 3-phase devices with 24 V DC and 48 V DC. The power range extends from 10 A up to 40 A; the short-term supply of up to 1.44 kW is possible. In addition to the DC-OK and overload LED via DC-OK relay contacts, the power supplies are equipped with active switch-on current limitation and power factor correction (PFC). Some variants additionally offer a shutdown relay contact in order to remotely switch off the power supply and save energy costs. An additional wide-range input enables worldwide use even in special industries; for example, shipbuilding can be served with DNV-GL approval.

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