AMI8100 | New ordering option: Compact, integrated servo drive as EtherCAT slave with DS402 profile

The AMI812x integrated servo drive combines a servomotor, servo drive, and fieldbus connection in a space-saving design in the product area of compact drive technology (up to 48 V DC). As an EtherCAT slave, the AMI812x can be placed directly on the machine without a control cabinet and without an upstream I/O level, making it possible to implement compact, control cabinet-free machines. The AMI81xx servo drives are optionally available with a DS402 profile via EtherCAT. Predefined functions of a variable speed drive are available with the DS402 profile. The individual process data can be precisely described via the standardized profile, and the process of parameterizing the axis with an EtherCAT master is simplified considerably. This concerns aspects such as the speed or torque offset according to IEC 61800-7.

Order reference For AMI81uv-abcc-wxyz
u flange code F
v motor length
x winding code A…Z
y = 2 communication interface: EtherCAT, DS402 profile
Information The options cannot be installed in the field.


AMI8100 | Compact integrated servo drives

AMI8100 | Compact integrated servo drives

Synchronous servomotor with integrated servo drive for the realization of machine concepts without a control cabinet in the low voltage range.