APMxxxx | XPlanar mover

The XPlanar mover is the magnetically floating, freely movable, and wireless component of the XPlanar system. Due to an innovative arrangement, the integrated permanent magnets enable the powerful lifting and movement of loads. The XPlanar tiles required for the operation generate electromagnetic fields that move the XPlanar movers dynamically and precisely through the production process.

The XPlanar mover is passive and has no moving parts or connections. Its smooth, edge-free surfaces make it easy to clean and optionally resistant to a large number of chemical cleaning agents. Due to its non-contact floating, the XPlanar mover does not carry over any dirt and causes no wear and thus no abrasion or noise.

Different mover sizes are available for the optimization of load capacity and area requirement. This allows the transport of smaller and lighter goods with a high packing density as well as the movement of large and overhanging products. The XPlanar movers can be coupled for particularly high transport weights. In this case, the load capacity of the individual movers is multiplied by the number of movers. The simultaneous operation of different mover sizes on an XPlanar system enables the user to process a large variety of products and packaging sizes in one machine. At the same time, the optimal utilization of the system area is possible with the maximum system throughput. In addition, setup times can be significantly reduced by exchanging movers without stopping the system.

Complete product tracking and a system start without a homing of the movers is ensured. The global, clear identification of each mover is possible at any time and irrespective of the position. A unique ID stored in the mover can be read by a communication operated by the XPlanar tile. It constantly provides the control software with the mover ID and its coordinates. The user obtains a precise movement history for the passage of each product through the plant. Moreover, the movers can be recognized again and the work process resumed even after a complete power failure. Overall, this mover identification results in increased quality assurance and plant availability.

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