Calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT terminals

Here you can request calibration certificates and certificates of any recalibration carried out for your analog Beckhoff I/O devices – provided that you ordered them as an option. Just enter the data and identification details of your device into the form below. Identification details are, for example, the 6-digit serial number/ID or the BTN, an 8-digit character string. You will either find these details on your device or in electronic form in the CoE (CAN Application protocol over EtherCAT). After you have submitted your request, you will receive an e-mail with the desired calibration certificates in PDF format.

Please note:
Calibration certificates are not available for standard devices such as those with the suffix “-0000”. Devices with a factory calibration certificate have the suffix “-0020”, e.g., EL3202-0020. Devices with external calibration have the Suffix “-0030”. The calibration certificate is associated with one specific terminal or box whose device name and serial number (also known as ID or BTN) are included in the document. The certificate documents the actual measurement deviation of each channel at the time of production and contains, among other things, information on the ambient conditions and the reference instrument used.