AM8700 | Servomotors with anodized housing

Ideally suited for use in the packaging and food industries

The anodized servomotors from the AM8700 series combine the advantages of the highly dynamic AM8000 standard servomotors with the requirements of the packaging and food industries. Like the AM8800 series, the AM8700 motors also meet the requirements for hygienic design and are thus intended for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Due to the specially treated aluminum housing of the AM8700 servomotors, the housing surface also withstands harsh environmental conditions and nevertheless has an ideal thermal conduction value. The motor performance is not affected by this. In comparison with the stainless steel housing, the aluminum housing is very light and therefore offers a further advantage, for example when moving axes.

The windings of the AM8700 series are implemented in the innovative single tooth technology, resulting in a high copper space factor. High torques can be achieved due to the high slot fill factor. The full potting of the stator ensures a thermally ideal transition from the winding to the housing on the one hand and mechanical protection of the winding wires against vibration on the other.

As standard, the AM8700 motors have IP69K protection (exclusive shaft output) and can optionally be equipped with a sealing air connection to prevent the formation of condensate. The OCT direct cable outlet also has a hygienic design. All lubricants used are approved by the FDA for foodstuffs.

In order to cover an extensive power spectrum, the anodized motors are offered in the flange sizes R2 to R6, each in three different lengths.

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