AA2500 | Tubular motors

The ironless tubular motors of the AA2500 series perform translatory movements without any kind of cogging, allowing them to facilitate dynamic, extremely smooth, and incredibly precise motion profiles. The linear movement does not rely on any additional mechanical elements, such as spindles, and protects the bearing points due to the lack of attractive forces between the motor and the magnet rod. Its compact design, exceptional precision, and impressive dynamics make these motors ideal for use in applications including packaging and machine tools, as well as in the paper, textile, and food industries.

The tubular motors can be operated in combination with commercially available linear encoders. With its streamlined mechanics and correspondingly fewer moving parts, it is not only easy to integrate into the respective machine or system, but also extremely compact and cost-effective to use. The motors of the AA2500 series are both backlash-free and wear-free in the system, resulting in significantly lower maintenance costs than when using elements such as spindles. As is typical of a linear motor, movements can be made via the primary or secondary part as required, with the tubular motor offering the added benefit of a high IP65 protection rating.

The product portfolio is completed with the compatible magnetic rods and fully wired cables.

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