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AMP8500 | Distributed servo drives with increased rotor moment of inertia

The AMP8500 series extends the AMP8000 range of distributed servo drives with a complete series with increased rotor moment of inertia for applications with large loads and requirements for high synchronization.

The new series covers a wide performance range with three sizes and up to three lengths with standstill torques ranging from 1.36…11.80 Nm. Due to the high rotor inertia, the control of the AMP8500 is simplified in areas where a high external inertia has to be moved, since the distributed servo drives tend to vibrate less and can be adjusted much more easily. The 24-bit SIL 2 safety encoder is integrated as standard for high-precision applications.

The integrated safe single-turn or multi-turn encoders enable the AMP8500 to be used in applications where functional safety is required. In addition, a mechanical limit switch can be dispensed with in most cases. The AMP8500 is connected with an EtherCAT P cable; no additional connections are required for operation.

It is important for design engineers that they can fully integrate the drive technology into the machine design with the help of the AMP8000 system. Even different servo systems can be connected to each other to enable an energetically meaningful energy exchange.


  • reduction of the space requirement in the control cabinet through integration of the servo drive into the motor
  • no change of the machine design is required: mechanical compatibility of flange and shaft to AM8000
  • minimal reduction of motor power data through highly efficient and thermally insulated power electronics
  • STO / SS1 safety function in series, optional TwinSAFE safe Motion with extensive safety functions

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