Feb 19, 2020

Corona virus: Beckhoff undertakes precautions

The corona virus continues to spread in China and other countries. We are very glad that none of our employees worldwide have been infected with COVID-19; this also applies to our Chinese subsidiaries and our branch in Wuhan. The health of our employees and their families is a top priority for Beckhoff.

We have taken various precautionary measures and adjusted our business operations in various regions in line with the regulatory requirements and recommendations.

Situation for our customers in China

None of Beckhoff’s employees have contracted COVID-19. As such, Beckhoff’s offices are not subject to any quarantines. After the extended New Year holidays, the employees at our headquarters in Shanghai largely worked from home at the request of the local authorities. Business operations resumed on 17th February 2020.

Beckhoff China operates one of Beckhoff’s three central warehouses worldwide. As such, it maintains adequate stocks to ensure the continued supply of our Chinese customers. The supply from Germany is secured by sea and air freight.

The situation for our customers outside China

Beckhoff’s production sites are located exclusively in Germany. Their operations remain unimpaired by the effects of COVID-19 and our production continues as usual. Our large inventory of raw materials and finished goods ensures that Beckhoff has an average inventory range of approximately six months. Therefore, we do not expect any or only selective impairments of our ability to deliver due to disruptions in the international supply chain, if any occur.

All company divisions in Germany and worldwide (except for China) continue their normal business operations and we do not expect any supply issues for our customers.