No need to move the plasma jet: A floating planar mover carries the workpiece exactly into position for surface treatment. © Plasmatreat
© Plasmatreat

Precise and flexible workpiece transport with XPlanar

Plasmatreat GmbH, Germany

May 8, 2020

Floating planar mover simplifies transportation of sensitive workpieces

Plasmatreat GmbH is a in Steinhagen, Germany, based manufacturer of plasma systems for high-efficiency surface treatment and environment-friendly production processes who unveiled a new plasma treatment unit at the K 2019 trade show. A key innovation with this treatment unit is that it uses XPlanar, a planar motor system from Beckhoff, to transport workpieces with precision and flexibility. XPlanar replaces prior systems used to move often sensitive workpieces and eliminates the need to install complex 6-axis robots and linear motors.