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More productivity with AI-assisted engineering

TwinCAT projects with AI-assisted engineering

Beckhoff has developed TwinCAT Chat for the TwinCAT XAE engineering environment. With TwinCAT Chat, large language models such as ChatGPT from OpenAI can easily be used to develop a TwinCAT project. This increases productivity in control programming.

Large language models (LLMs) are created based on a neural network and trained with a large number of texts. LLMs have become widespread in recent years and are used for a whole host of tasks, including as the basis for chatbots or language translation tools. However, LLMs also offer a number of advantages for programming and have the potential to revolutionize the development process by automatically generating and completing code.

TwinCAT Chat harnesses the new possibilities that LLMs provide: AI-supported engineering with automated creation of or addition to code or code optimization, code documentation, and restructuring.

The global chat window in TwinCAT XAE connects to the host cloud of the respective LLM, i.e. Microsoft AzureTM for ChatGPT. It provides a user interface and enables TwinCAT projects to be modified via the Automation Interface, among other elements.

The LLM integration is specially optimized for TwinCAT 3 users, i.e. the knowledge base has been extensively supplemented with TwinCAT-specific content. This means that specific questions can be asked directly and the LLM already knows that TwinCAT is being used and that the code examples are expected in structured text. The generated code can then be transferred directly. This saves time and minimizes the potential for errors, which is high for manual transfer. The LLM is deeply integrated and specialized in engineering, and this simplifies the development process considerably and offers a clear advantage over simply using ChatGPT in the web browser, for example, as communication and code exchange are seamlessly interwoven.

Further practical TwinCAT Chat functions are currently under development. In addition to a chatbot interface to the extensive Beckhoff documentation system, I/O configurations will be able to be created and set up from the chat. TwinCAT HMI controls can also be created automatically. The aim is that users just need to state how they want their HMI to be structured. TwinCAT Chat then places the HMI control in the background and establishes the link to the PLC. This means that an HMI page can be generated far more quickly and easily.

Find out more about TwinCAT Chat and current developments in this interview with Project Managers Jannis Doppmeier and Fabian Bause:

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The TwinCAT software system turns almost any PC-based system into a real-time control with multiple PLC, NC, CNC and/or robotics runtime systems.

TE1000 | TwinCAT 3 Engineering

TE1000 | TwinCAT 3 Engineering

TE1000 is the TwinCAT development environment for convenient configuration of control, drive control and I/Os. In addition, the tool includes the configuration and programming of TwinSAFE, the safety solution from Beckhoff.