CUxxxx, EPxxxx | Ethernet Switches and components

Simple network infrastructures due to Ethernet Switches and media converters

The Ethernet Switches in an industrially compatible design enable multiple Ethernet devices to be universally connected in an automation and office network. The components involved are connected via Ethernet cable to the Ethernet ports of the switch, which takes over the communication between the devices. Incoming Ethernet frames are thus forwarded specifically to the destination ports. The transmission takes place in half or full duplex.

Versatile properties of the unmanaged switches:

  • scalable connection of up to 16 ports
  • support for different transfer rates of up to 1 Gbit/s
  • no configuration required, thanks to auto-negotiation and cross-over detection
  • simple installation on the DIN rail via integrated DIN rail adapter

A media change from copper to optical fiber physics and vice versa is also possible with the media converters in an Ethernet network and offers maximum flexibility. Distances of up to 20 kilometers can be attained depending on the technology used.

Special features of the media converters:

  • support for multi-mode, single-mode or POF (Plastic Optical Fiber)
  • simple configuration of the transfer direction and link loss forwarding functionality
  • user-friendly mounting on the DIN rail via integrated DIN rail adapter
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