MRxxxx | Relay modules

The MX-System relay modules include the functions of direct switching of 230 V AC for e. g. lighting or fans, starting three-phase asynchronous motors with up to 3 kW directly with the mains voltage and solid state modules, for e. g. operating electric heaters with the MX-System. All assemblies have fuses that can be changed in a safe condition for the maintenance personnel. All modules monitor the current electronically independently. The MR modules are only available in size 2.

MR1xxx relay:
Modules with 3 channels 230 V AC on M12 connector. Optionally with residual current measurement and/or digital inputs.

MR3xxx motor starter:
1- and 2-channel devices with and without safe disconnection for the operation of three-phase asynchronous motors at 400…480 V AC. Available for the following operating modes:

  • 2-channel direct starter with max. 1.1 kW each
  • 1-channel reversing starter up to max. 3 kW

MR4xxx solid state:
Modules for the control of 1-phase and 3-phase electric heaters with a maximum power of 10 A. Equipped as standard with analog inputs on M12 connectors for the connection of temperature sensors e. g. Pt100 as well as an optional residual current measurement.

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