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Hybrid cables

Hybrid connector series: Cabling options and application examples
Hybrid connector series: Cabling options and application examples

This combination of power supply, signal communication, and data communication in a single connector is available in application-specific sizes and performance classes. Through this single-cable solution, users can integrate pioneering technology into their systems today and tap into the potential savings that this opens up. The system boasts not only a smaller footprint, but also less need for storage space, shorter installation and laying times, less potential for errors, and lower maintenance and procurement expenditure. The range of hybrid connectors includes an integrated connection concept for EtherCAT/Ethernet and EtherCAT P technology, with connectors/flanges available in sizes B12, B17, B23, and B40. The practical quick coupling allows devices and systems to be connected quickly and securely.

One Cable Automation: A matching connector for every performance class

The One Cable Automation (OCA) concept is based on a single EtherCAT P cable that integrates communication and power supply and enables end-to-end connection of components, terminal boxes and machine modules. With a uniform design across all sizes, the ECP and ENP connector families for OCA are available for all applications ranging from 24 V DC at the I/O level up to drives with 400 V AC or 630 V AC/850 V DC and 72 A.

The ECP hybrid connectors are designed to provide an integrated 24 V DC power supply in the trapezoidal core element according to the EtherCAT P specification, while ENP hybrid connectors are designed for EtherCAT/Ethernet applications without integrated 24 V DC power supply. The ENP family can be distinguished from the ECP family through colored product elements on the housing and the mechanically inverse design of the trapezoidal element.

Sizes B12 to B40 with different numbers of power pins (2- to 6-pin) are available for diverse network configurations and current consumptions of the connected components.

All sizes include a Cat.5-enabled Ethernet element in trapezoidal form. The seamless and integrated 360° shielding of the Ethernet element enables the familiar high EtherCAT performance. The compact design provides installation space to accommodate the power pins and enables a high current carrying capacity and dielectric strength of the power pins. The bayonet fitting ensures fast cabling and installation. A two-stage coding system (visual coding with colored rings, mechanical coding) prevents mismating. Suitable flanges are available to match the standard housing types for rear, front or square flange assembly.

For applications where pre-assembled cables cannot be used, all connectors are also available as field-configurable versions. The poka-yoke principle ensures that the connector can only be assembled in the correct configuration and reliably prevents installation errors. The color coding printed on the contact holder and optional pre-configuration of the cable makes connector assembly quick and reliable.

OCA cable assemblies B17 and B23 certified to UL2237

The approval covers assembled cables with connected plugs and field-configurable versions of the sizes B17 and B23. The high quality of the hybrid connector series for One Cable Automation (OCA) simplifies fire protection approval in the US and Canadian economic area.

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