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KL2xxx | Bus Terminals, digital output

The Bus Terminals from the KL2xxx, KS2xxx and KM2xx series are intended for the processing of digital/binary signals. Unless otherwise stated, the high level corresponds to the supply voltage in the positive switching logic, the low level corresponds to ground. With the ground-switching logic, it is reversed. Different supply voltages are available for both types of logic. 1, 2, 3 and 4-wire connection techniques enable the use of Bus Terminals in almost all applications without further wiring.


  • fine scalability of channel density and functional scope
  • compact solutions due to maximum packing density
  • numerous special functions for the optimization of machine/building control, e.g. switch-on at the zero crossing point of the AC voltage, solid state relays and integrated manual operating level

Areas of application:

  • switching of standard actuators such as contactors and valves
  • control of lighting with universal dimmer terminals
  • 120/230 V relays, solid state relays and triac terminals for building automation applications
  • simple connection e.g. of external relay cards via ribbon cable connection

TwinSAFE, outputs
The Bus Terminals from the KL29xx series switch actuators fail-safe. The safety-relevant data is exchanged via the TwinSAFE/Safety over EtherCAT protocol with a TwinSAFE Logic-capable component.

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