EPP5xxx | EtherCAT P Box, position measurement

Fast counting as well as position detection by means of absolute or incremental displacement systems is indispensable in many automation applications. With the EtherCAT P Box modules from the EPP5xxx series, Beckhoff offers the right solution for precise measurement tasks in the field of position, frequency and displacement/angle measurement.


  • direct acquisition of signals on the machine
  • integrated sensor supply
  • realization of simple automation solutions, even for complex systems, due to numerous functions
  • synchronization of the position value with other processes thanks to the distributed clocks function

Areas of application:

  • position, speed of rotation and velocity measurement
  • positioning tasks for motion control applications
  • piece goods counting

Absolute position detection
The EPP5xxx enable the evaluation of linear and rotary encoders and measuring probes as well as position measuring systems and absolute encoders with SSI (synchronous serial interface), EnDat-2.2 or BISS-C interface. All the modules are equipped with an integrated sensor supply. Extensive parameterization options allow all standard sensors in both single-turn and multi-turn versions to be connected and evaluated.

Incremental position detection
Furthermore, incremental signals with SinCos 1 Vpp, differential signals with RS422, 5 V single-ended signals as well as 24 V encoder signals can also be evaluated. 24 V digital inputs can be used to store, disable and set the counter value. Functions such as micro-increments and timestamp additionally enable finely resolved position detection. EtherCAT's distributed clocks function ensures an exact synchronization of the position value with other processes.

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