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Jun 23, 2020

Intelligent building automation with PC-based control

Visionary and sustainable

Buildings consume around one third of the world's fossil energy, for example heating, cooling, production of domestic hot water and lighting contribute a considerable proportion of CO2 emissions to global warming. In addition to the consistent conversion to sustainably produced energy, a great amount of energy can also be saved, above all through the efficient design of buildings operation with comprehensive automation systems. As a result, intelligent buildings are becoming increasingly important, especially due to the growing importance of climate neutrality and environmental friendliness.

Georg Schemmann is responsible for the building automation industry management at Beckhoff.
Georg Schemmann is responsible for the building automation industry management at Beckhoff.

Beckhoff has a lot of experience in the industry

Building automation offers many possibilities, especially for the intelligent control and operation of office and industrial buildings as well as public buildings such as airports or railway stations. Beckhoff has been active in the industry for a long time with its future-oriented automation concepts. "Through the use of automation technology, we want to enable the sustainable operation of all building types - in particular over their entire life cycle," reports Georg Schemmann, who is responsible for the building automation industry management at Beckhoff. Together with his team and the software and hardware developers, he ensures that the benefits of PC-based control are also applicable and used in buildings.

TwinCAT 3 is a tool for all applications

"The biggest advantage that our customers have by using Beckhoff is the modularity of the control system. They can build up a hardware configuration according to their wish benefitting from the modularity. Since, unlike many other manufacturers in this field, we do not specialize exclusively in building automation, but develop automation technology for all industries, so that we can offer a wide range of hardware terminals, from digital inputs and outputs to the connection of complex subsystems. This means that everything is possible, from the simplest functions such as switching lights on and off to digital twins using the latest IoT technologies. The PC-based control system also allows us to scale both the CPU and the software to the customer needs. With TwinCAT 3 we have a tool for everything", continues Georg Schemmann.

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