Mar 4, 2022

TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

One of the great advantages of TwinCAT 3 is the wide range of options for interaction and communication with other systems - numerous TwinCAT 3 functions are available for this purpose in order to address various communication scenarios and to implement protocol functions. In this film, Henning Mersch from TwinCAT Product Management gives a preview on the TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol, TF6230.

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TF6230 | TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

TF6230 | TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

The TwinCAT 3 Parallel Redundancy Protocol provides a network connection according to IEC 62439-3 that can be used transparently by applications. This can be used both from real time and from operating system applications. The interface is designed with redundancy on the network side in the interests of higher availability overall.