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Studying while collecting professional experience

Supporting and training new talent has always been important at Beckhoff. We consider it part of our mission to accompany young people on their path to a successful professional future. Our young talents get the opportunity to participate in exciting innovations and contribute their ideas right from the start. We offer work-integrated study programs in five engineering disciplines in cooperation with the Gütersloh Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld in Germany.

Work-integrated studies at Beckhoff Germany

If you are interested in a future-oriented, exciting course of study that focuses on practical and theoretical matters in equal measure, our work-integrated study program is tailor-made for you. In cooperation with the Gütersloh Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld we offer five work-integrated engineering programs. All degree programs extend over seven semesters (3.5 years). Each semester consists of a 14-week practical phase at the company and a subsequent 12-week theoretical phase at the university. You collect practical experiences at Beckhoff throughout your studies. Armed with your own ideas you can develop high-tech products and new technologies, program our own automation software as well as intelligent systems, or design business processes. Each year, 20-30 young people start their studies at Beckhoff. Almost all of them receive their Bachelor of Engineering degree within the prescribed timeframe and get hired in permanent positions.

Work-integrated study programs

In the work-integrated Mechatronics/Automation program, you learn how to develop and apply the latest technologies. You work on real projects in your future deployment field (e.g., systems engineering, support, hardware development, or software development). You automate high-tech machines, develop ultra-fast PCs, or participate in programming our automation software to control machines, robots, and wind turbines. Together with the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the University of Applied Sciences, you will be perfectly equipped for your professional future.

In the Industrial Engineering program you will be given a broad range of tasks in the areas of sales, export, technical project management, and production planning and control. Typical activities include executing technical projects, planning production processes, developing marketing strategies for high-tech products, or providing customers with custom-tailored advice. Duties like these require business acumen and organizational talent. To convey these capabilities, your studies will entail a broad spectrum of business and technical fields.

The work-integrated program in Product Service Engineering opens the door to many career opportunities as services have become more popular than ever as product add-ons. Digital services in particular are becoming more important every day in connection with Industrie 4.0 and the rise in digital transformation projects. Examples of such services include maintenance and personnel planning in manufacturing environments as well as the integration of supporting devices such as data glasses, or maintenance and programming instructions. As a product service engineer, you will be responsible for the development and sale of such services in application programming, product management, sales, or support departments.

In the work-integrated Digital Technologies program you learn how software makes machines, robots and entire production systems more intelligent. It focuses on the development of software modules for the acquisition, analysis and use of large amounts of data. To build such modules, you will employ statistical and mathematical methods as well as artificial intelligence in addition to your expertise in automation and information technologies. You will also learn how to integrate the software modules into control solutions to build things like self-learning manufacturing networks. After completing your studies, you will work as a software developer, application programmer or product manager and develop innovative solutions for tomorrow's intelligent production systems.

In the Digital Logistics program, you use various IT systems to design and digitize internal and external flows of material and information. With the computer science skills you acquired during your studies and your structural approach to problems, you will be optimally prepared for these activities. Typical deployment areas include the coordination of product shipments between corporate headquarters in Germany and international subsidiaries in accordance with legal export guidelines and regulations. Your know-how will also be in demand in production planning and control, operations scheduling, and the design of warehouse logistics processes.


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Ms. Annika Kniepkamp
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