Industrial PCs for all control requirements


Ultra-compact Industrial PCs

The scalable C60xx series combines maximum computing power in what is currently the most compact format with a wide range of options for installation in the control cabinet.

Compact Industrial PCs

The C65xx series of fanless Industrial PCs is conceived for installation in the panel of the control cabinet or in the rear panel of a control or console housing.

Compact Industrial PCs

The C69xx Industrial PC series in a compact aluminum housing is characterized by the large selection and fine scalability of its components and interfaces.

C70xx | Ultra-compact Industrial PCs in IP65

The fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC brings multi-core directly into the machine for complex diagnostic or condition monitoring tasks.

19-inch slide-in Industrial PCs

The universal talents in the 19-inch industry standard with components of the highest performance class are ideally suited for use in machine construction and plant engineering.

Control cabinet Industrial PCs

The C66xx, C61xx und C62xx Industrial PC series, which are based on ATX standards, offer maximum flexibility with a wide range of PCI and PCIe slots.

Control cabinet Industrial PCs

Due to the integration of two Intel® Xeon® processors, the C6670 Industrial Server offers top performance in the machine environment.


The product range is supplemented by a wide range of accessories, consisting of plug-in cards, communication modules, connection cables and operating systems.

Industrial PCs for all control requirements

Beckhoff is one of the pioneers of PC-based automation: The first PC control system was delivered as early as 1986. Thanks to the profound technological expertise that has developed over the past decades, Beckhoff Industrial PCs are characterized by the highest quality and are used successfully worldwide.

An important feature of the Beckhoff product philosophy is the use of latest, high-performance components and processors. As a result, Beckhoff Industrial PCs tend to include the latest offerings of the technology market. Every new technology, whether from the industrial or consumer segment, is tested by Beckhoff for its potential industrial application, adapted and optimized as appropriate and integrated. An outstanding example is the integration of modern multi-touch technology in the CP2xxx and CP3xxx device series. Modern touch technology has been gaining ground in the consumer market since 2007, and since 2011, Beckhoff has consistently been taking advantage of it in its Panel PCs to offer advanced and intuitive machine and system operation options. Beckhoff made the functional principle of capacitive touch technology suitable for industrial use in terms of availability, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical stability and external dimensions through integration of corresponding basic technologies. The CP2xxx and CP3xxx product families convincingly demonstrate how state-of-the-art consumer technology can also be successfully used in industrial environments.

Balance between latest PC technology and long-term availability of control components

Thanks to advanced Industrial PC technology in a wide range of form factors, supplemented by a coordinated portfolio of accessory components and TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Industrial PCs are at the heart of a wide range of automation tasks, including control of machines, processes and logistics systems, networking of plant components, data acquisition and image processing. For classic control tasks, PC-based control technology offers excellent scalability and flexibility and is therefore increasingly being used in place of hardware PLCs.

Fine scaling is ensured through different processor levels ranging from Intel Atom® via Intel® Core™ i7 to Intel® Xeon. Intel-Atom® processors enable extremely small, fanless controllers to be constructed due to the low processor power dissipation and are to be found in the lower price range. State-of-the-art Intel® Core™-i processors make multi-core technology with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cores available for use in harsh industrial environments.

Different product families address different applications, for example:

  • C60xx, very cost-effective and compact
  • C69xx combines compactness and flexibility
  • C6xxx with ATX motherboard for maximum flexibility
  • C5xxx in classic 19-inch rack format
  • C70xx in IP65 design, equipped with state-of-the-art Intel Atom® multi-core technology

Hardware benefits
Hardware benefits

In addition to many years of experience, the focus on customer needs has also advanced the development of the extensive Beckhoff Industrial PC product portfolio. The optimally tailored control computer can be found for every application from the large choice of devices and options. Depending on the device type, the PC housing varies from Bus Coupler format to ATX PC. In addition to long-term availability of the built-in processors and motherboards, Beckhoff also offers full commissioning of all integrated components, including software and different drives. Customized solutions can also be realized for optimum adaptation to the respective task.

The attractively designed Control Panels perfectly complement the Beckhoff Industrial PC series. As the front end of a machine or system, they act as a kind of visual calling card. The spatial separation of display/operating unit and control computer offers the user maximum flexibility. Appealing design, robustness and suitability for industrial applications were importantly criteria in the development of the Control Panel series, which comes with display sizes between 5.7 and 24 inches.

Software benefits
Software benefits

The Control Panel housings are made of high-quality, solid aluminum and comply with protection class IP65, which is generally required in industrial environments. The meticulous development and integration of electronic parts, displays, touch screens and front laminates ensures high availability and reliability of the Control Panels in operation.