C6xxx | Control cabinet Industrial PCs

The power packages for demanding tasks

The C6640/C6650 control cabinet PC series encompasses two device types that are equipped with processors of the highest performance class – Intel® Celeron®, Pentium® or Core™ i3/i5/i7 of the latest generation – on an ATX motherboard.

The ATX-based C6640 and C6650 control cabinet Industrial PCs are the further development of the well-known C61xx and C62xx series.

Industrial design

All slots accept plug-in cards up to 210 mm in length. Graphics and Ethernet adapters are already available onboard, without occupying a slot. All the PC's connections face upwards, so that the connection cables can be fed directly to the wiring duct. The side walls are completely passive and allow the Industrial PC to be fitted immediately next to other control cabinet devices.

Accessibility of the components

The C6640/C6650 series is designed for optimum space utilisation and easy accessibility of all components. The C6640 is the most compact PC with ATX motherboard but nevertheless offers convenient access to drives, memory and plug-in cards.

Maximum data availability and data security

The C6650 features hard drive caddies, which together with the on-board RAID controller form a RAID 1 system with two mirrored hard disks. This ensures high data security. Hard disks which failed can easily be exchanged during operation.

Flexible expansion options

The housing design of the C6640/C6650 series ensures long-term compatibility with new PC components. The motherboard, processor, memory or hard disk are upgradable, while the same housing can be used for years to come.

The device can be equipped with a multi DVD drive. A choice of a high-performance SSD, NVM Express™ in the format of a PCIe x4 plug-in card or a SATA 2½-inch SSD is offered for a flash disk. Card holders for the plug-in cards ensure resistance to impacts and vibrations. The C6640/C6650 series PCs are supplied with 100 to 240 V AC full range or 24 V DC power supply unit.

A type plate is located on the top of the front cover, giving detailed information about the PC configuration.

The housing design offers plenty of scope for adjustment to the respective application.

Consistent further development of existing IPC series

The ATX-based C6640 and C6650 control cabinet Industrial PCs are the further development of the well-known C61xx and C62xx series. Equipped with similar features and functions, as well as the same performance class, the devices from the C61xx and C62xx series are still being maintained for existing projects.

Advantage at the very core: the Beckhoff Industrial PCs

Beckhoff is a pioneer in PC-based automation technology and has been developing and producing its own PC hardware since 1986. The technology know-how that has grown over the past decades is incorporated today into all Beckhoff Industrial PCs. Their principle feature is the use of state-of-the-art components and processors of the highest performance class. Combined with a high in-house production depth, including proprietary motherboard production, long-term component availability, extremely flexible configuration and customer-specific adaptations, Beckhoff presents itself today as one of the world's leading Industrial PC manufacturers.

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