Fieldbus components for all common I/Os and fieldbus systems


EtherCAT Terminals

The EtherCAT Terminal system provides a comprehensive range of products for all signals in the world of automation.

EtherCAT Box

EtherCAT high-performance directly in the field: Beckhoff offers an I/O system in IP67 with the EtherCAT Box modules.

EtherCAT plug-in modules

The EtherCAT plug-in modules reduce the wiring work and system installation time with standard machines.

Bus Terminal

The Bus Terminal system is an open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system consisting of Bus Couplers and electronic terminal blocks.

Fieldbus Box and IO-Link box

IP67 modules for open, standardized fieldbus systems as well as digital and analog IO-Link Box modules.

Infrastructure components

Ethernet Switches, EtherCAT infrastructure and PCI/PCIe Fieldbus Cards form the backbone of industrial machine communication.

EtherCAT development products

With the EtherCAT development products a simple and cost-effective integration of the technology into own products is possible.

Current transformers

The SCT current transformers are reliable power sensors at field level in the PC-based control architecture.

Power supplies

Compact DIN rail power supplies for every application.


Complete, practice-proven range of accessories with which all I/O solutions can be optimally integrated.

Overview fieldbus systems

Beckhoff supplies a complete range of fieldbus components for all common I/O and fieldbus systems.



Outstanding performance, flexible topology and simple configuration characterize the real-time Ethernet technology.

EtherCAT G

The continuation of the successful EtherCAT technology moves the available data rates up to 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s.

EtherCAT P

The one cable solution – One step closer to automation without control cabinets.


Based on an optimized control and communication architecture, XFC realizes response times of < 100 µs.


With the aid of the TwinSAFE SC technology it is possible to make use of analog standard signals for safety tasks in any fieldbus.

Extended environmental conditions

The Beckhoff I/O system contains selected products with increased resistance to temperature, weathering and mechanical stress.

Power measurement

The integrated power measurement enables network monitoring, process control and power monitoring in the I/O system.

Scientific Automation

Scientific Automation is the integration of automation software with findings from engineering science.

I/O construction kit for all signal types and fieldbus systems

Beckhoff supplies an extensive range of fieldbus components for all common I/Os and bus systems in different designs. With the Bus Terminals in the IP 20 protection class and the Fieldbus Box modules in IP 67, all important signal types and fieldbus systems are covered and the right product is offered for every application.

The extensive Beckhoff I/O portfolio includes products for all areas of use and environmental conditions. The classic KLxxxx and ELxxxx Bus and EtherCAT Terminals in the IP 20 protection class offer a wide variety of fieldbus protocols and signal types. The terminals are plugged into one another and are primarily used in terminal boxes or in the control cabinet, where they are protected against external influences. Their low housing width in combination with a high channel density make them a space-saving solution in the control cabinet.

The EtherCAT product range is extended still further in the IP 20 area by the EJxxx EtherCAT plug-in modules, which are mainly suitable for the series production of machines and plants. Based on the EtherCAT I/O system, the design of the EJ modules allows them to be plugged directly into a PCB. This is called a signal distribution board and distributes the supply of power and the signals to the application-specific connection technology. Dispensing with the classic individual wiring considerably reduces the installation time in series machine production.

The fieldbus, IO-Link, and EtherCAT Box modules in the IP 67 protection class allow use in harsh environmental conditions. With their compact and watertight design, they are suitable for direct installation in the machine.

With the Bus Terminals in IP 20 and the Fieldbus Box modules in IP 67, an extensive portfolio of fieldbus-neutral I/O modules is available. They are connected flexibly to the desired fieldbus or industrial Ethernet system via Bus Couplers or master terminals/boxes.

In addition to the fieldbus-neutral components, Beckhoff also supplies a complete product range for EtherCAT: The real-time Ethernet solution for industrial automation is characterized by outstanding performance characteristics and simple handling. The result: high-precision machine and plant controllers that lead to a significantly increased production efficiency. The EtherCAT components are currently available in the protection classes IP 20 and IP 67.

In the IP 67 area, devices with EtherCAT P technology are available in the EPPxxx modules. EtherCAT P combines supply and communication in a 4-core standard Ethernet cable and thus reduces sources of error and cabling work.

The various I/O systems offer solutions for all common signals in automation technology. These include on the one hand the acquisition and generation of binary and digital signals. On the other, however, analog signals of measured variables such as current, voltage, temperature, and resistance can also be acquired. The Beckhoff product portfolio also includes products for the generation of analog current and voltage signals. Apart from the signals that they can measure or output, they also differ with regard to their measurement or output uncertainty as well as the resolution.

In addition to the standard functionalities of digital and analog I/Os, the portfolio also offers products for special applications, such as power measurement, the evaluation of various encoder interfaces, or the control of various motors. Through the combination of standard signals with special functionalities, Beckhoff has the right solution for every automation task.

The Beckhoff I/O construction kit is completed by infrastructure components such as Ethernet switches and PCI/PCIe Fieldbus Cards, as well as system components such as filter, potential distribution, and overcurrent protection terminals. The range is rounded off by accessories such as cables and connectors. Pre-assembled cables and cables for field assembly are offered. The tried-and-tested accessories offer optimum compatibility with the Beckhoff product portfolio. Due to the large selection of supplementary products, such as power supply units and current transformers, the customer can procure a complete system from a single source.

Beckhoff customers obtain a perfectly matched automation solution due to the optimum compatibility of the I/O components with the Industrial PCs, the TwinCAT automation software, and the drive components.