Infrastructure components


CUxxxx, EPxxxx | EtherCAT components

CUxxxx, EPxxxx | EtherCAT components

The EtherCAT/EtherCAT G topology can be flexibly designed with junctions and media converters in IP20 and IP67.

CUxxxx, EPxxxx | Ethernet Switches and components

CUxxxx, EPxxxx | Ethernet Switches and components

The Ethernet Switches and components are used to universally connect multiple Ethernet devices in a network.

CUxxxx | Ethernet port multiplier

CUxxxx | Ethernet port multiplier

The real-time Ethernet port multiplier allows the connection of eight independent Ethernet networks.

Infrastructure components for Ethernet and EtherCAT

In all machines, test benches and other automated systems, the input and output devices such as sensors, terminals, drives and cameras must be connected to one another. Fast and permanently reliable communication is required. The best camera is useless if it cannot transport its data to the controller. Even if the handling of the communication takes place in the background, a perfect solution to this task is indispensable for the function: communication streams must be allocated or parts of the system must be dynamically decoupled; a section may place special requirements on the transmission since it is supposed to run via optical fibers, for example. In such cases, a diverse portfolio of infrastructure components is essential.

PCI Fieldbus Cards

Beckhoff offers a wide range of fieldbus cards, both for the classic bus systems such as PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, Lightbus and SERCOS II, and for Ethernet-based systems. The PC cards are available from single-channel to multi-channel, either as master or as slave interface. They have different PC interfaces, such as PCI, PCIe or even special designs. The Ethernet cards can also be configured as EtherCAT master or as devices for PROFINET (controller or device), EtherNet/IP (scanner, adapter) or BACnet/IP using TwinCAT as software driver. The fieldbus cards thus cover a wide range of different designs and protocols.

The portfolio of Beckhoff PCI Fieldbus Cards can be found in the PC accessories section.

Advantages at a glance

Strong communication

Beckhoff currently supports over 30 communication systems that can be used with switches, master/slave cards and couplers. These include EtherCAT, which was developed by Beckhoff in 2003, and the EtherCAT G extension with a 1 Gbit transmission performance, which was introduced in 2018. High-performance components are available for the redesign based on EtherCAT as well as for retrofitting existing systems with e.g. PROFIBUS or CAN communication.

Many platforms

The installation situation varies depending on the application, whether in IP20 on the DIN rail, in IP67 freely placed on the machine or integrated in a PC. For example, a PROFIBUS interface can be used as an EtherCAT Terminal (master or slave, see EL67xx EtherCAT Terminals) or as a PC plug-in card. The Beckhoff components thus allow a high degree of freedom of choice in the realization of the machine topology.


The scope of infrastructure components is constantly being expanded. New technologies such as EtherCAT G or Extended Distance methods also require corresponding background components, which nevertheless represent the central backbone of the plant. Beckhoff continuously keeps an eye on developments in the fieldbus sector and develops and produces modern, high-performance infrastructure components.