BAIN TR1020 | TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC Programming

This Training mainly focuses on IEC 6-1131-3 Programming and Configuration of PC Based Controllers.
Training is intended for those who want to convert from Conventional PLCs to PC Based Controllers.


  • Communication with Hardware
  • Input /Output Variable Declarations and Standard Data Types used
  • Linking of Software Variables with Hardware Inputs and Outputs
  • Use of standard Function Blocks and Functions from standard Library.
  • Creating User Defined Function Block and Function and Libraries.
  • Automatic PLC start, Data Remanence and Source code Download.
  • TwinCAT Visuliastaion and PLC HMI software.
  • Programming of Bus Controllers.
  • ADS Connectivity


  • Experience of PLC Programming and Good Knowledge of Windows O.S.

Recommended for:

  • OEM, SI, End Users

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TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC Programming
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3 days