EJxxxx-0090 | EtherCAT plug-in modules, TwinSAFE SC

The TwinSAFE SC technology (TwinSAFE Single Channel) enables the use of standard signals for safety tasks in any networks of fieldbuses. The data of the TwinSAFE SC components are transferred via a TwinSAFE protocol to the TwinSAFE Logic, where they can be used in the context of safety-relevant applications. Detailed examples for the correct application of the TwinSAFE SC components and the respective normative classification, which were confirmed/calculated by TÜV SÜD, can be found in the TwinSAFE application manual.

Typical application scenarios for analog value processing with TwinSAFE SC using two different measurement methods are:

  • speed monitoring: drive with safety function (e.g. STO) and sin/cos encoder with EL5021-0090
  • temperature measurement: thermocouple type K with EL3312 and Pt1000 measuring resistance with EL3214-0090
  • level measurement: ultrasonic sensor (0…10 V) with EP3174-0092 and level probe (4…20 mA) with EL3152
  • pressure measurement: pressure sensor (IO-Link interface) with EL6224 and a pressure sensor (4…20 mA) with EL3124-0090
  • monitoring of lifting devices, slack cable detection and overload: SG sensors on the guide pulleys with EL3356-0090 and EL3751

In terms of technology, the EJxxxx EtherCAT plug-in modules are usually based on the ELxxxx EtherCAT Terminals with matching name. This allows initial tests to be carried out with EL terminals, while the corresponding EJ module on the signal distribution board is used in subsequent series production.

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