EtherCAT Box


EPxxxx | Industrial housing

EPxxxx | Industrial housing

IP67 modules for high performance directly in the field

EPPxxxx | Industrial housing

EPPxxxx | Industrial housing

IP67 modules with EtherCAT P: Communication and power in a single 4-wire standard Ethernet cable.

EQxxxx | Stainless steel housing

EQxxxx | Stainless steel housing

IP69K modules for extreme harsh and corrosion-prone environments.

ERxxxx | Zinc die-cast housing

ERxxxx | Zinc die-cast housing

IP67 modules for extremely difficult industrial and process environments

IP67 I/O system: EtherCAT Box modules in IP67 for direct use in the field

The IP67 EtherCAT Box modules have a direct EtherCAT interface, i.e., each box has an EtherCAT input and output, so that the high performance is maintained right down to each module. Industrial housings in compact, fully encapsulated design allow the use in harsh environments. Housings made of stainless steel and die-cast zinc enable application under particularly demanding conditions, such as those found in process technology applications or the food industry. For direct use on the machine, the modules offer very high shock and vibration resistance and combine an extended temperature range with a high IP protection rating. No additional terminal boxes or other protective measures are required.

The devices of the EtherCAT P Box series combine communication signals and power supply on a 4-wire standard Ethernet cable. The wiring effort is reduced by 50%.

With a wide range of signal variants, including digital and analog I/Os, temperature detection, position measurement and compact drive technology, the EtherCAT Box modules open up numerous application areas in the IP67 world. Thanks to the infrastructure components such as junction or power modules and the comprehensive range of accessories, EtherCAT Box modules enable consistent and cost-effective configuration of decentralized, modular automation solutions.

Advantages at a glance

EtherCAT Box modules are designed for use directly on the machine.
EtherCAT Box modules are designed for use directly on the machine.

Robust and sealed

Robust construction allows EtherCAT Box modules to be fitted directly to machines. A control cabinet and terminal box is no longer required. An extended temperature range of -25 ... +60°C (storage temperature -40…+85°C) is offered as standard. This means the devices can be used in cold zones or warm locations.

The modules are constructed according to protection rating IP65, IP66 and IP67, fully potted, and are thus ideally prepared for use in wet, dirty and dusty working environments.

Small and modular

The EtherCAT Box modules are extremely small and are particularly suitable for applications with limited space. The small mass facilitates applications with a mobile I/O interface (e.g., on a robot arm).

Conventional fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS or CANopen are connected via Coupler Box modules. These are modularly extendable through cost-effective extension modules. The EtherCAT Box modules communicate directly with EtherCAT and require no additional Coupler Box.

Ultra-high speed

The EtherCAT Box modules have a direct EtherCAT connection. All sensors and actuators are connected to the control system directly via the 100BASE-TX. XFC Boxes are available for additional requirements, e.g., time-stamp inputs.

Suitable and flexible

The sensors and actuators are connected via screw-type connectors (M8 or M12). The snap-on connectors lock in place positively, forming a shake-proof connection, while the screw-in connectors offer the advantage of high resistance to being pulled out.

In addition to the pre-assembled cables, field assembly connectors and cables are also available for maximum flexibility.

Affordable and quickly wired

Combined I/O modules and the high signal granularity lead to low system costs – you only have to buy what you really need.

The wiring of the fieldbus and of signals is significantly simplified through the use of pre-assembled cables. Wiring faults are effectively prevented and the commissioning times reduced. EtherCAT P modules reduce the wiring effort by further 50%.

Compact drive technology

EtherCAT Box modules are available with direct connection technology for 48 V DC, stepper motor and servo technology. It is also possible to use them in STO applications. Using prefabricated OCT cables makes it possible to wire boxes und motors error-free and in a time-saving manner.