MCxxxx | IPC modules

The MC-type system modules are Industrial PCs in the housing concept of the MX-System – the universal, modular control system without a control cabinet.

The MC modules thus take control of all other modules in the system and provide programmers and end users with a familiar, reliable, flexible and scalable foundation for carrying out a wide range of automation tasks. A whole range of modern CPUs is available for this purpose. This range is continuously being expanded and carefully follows the technological trends of CPU development in terms of architecture and interfaces in line with industrial requirements.

Depending on their thermal output, the MC modules are accommodated in the various housing sizes of the MX-System and, since they form the starting point of the EtherCAT segment as EtherCAT masters, have a fixed slot in the system (on the left). The housing size can be taken directly from the last four digits of the device designation.

The power supply for the MC modules is provided by the MX baseplate; a separate power supply is only required if a UPS is used.

The IP67 protection class of the MX-System ensures that the integrated motherboard and all components involved are protected, yet certain important components such as mass storage or the battery are easily accessible for commissioning and servicing.

The typical Industrial PC interfaces for Ethernet, EtherCAT, UPS, display connection and USB are available on the front of the device and, in the case of the display and USB, are designed as normal IP20 connectors after disconnecting the IP67 connections. This particularly facilitates on-site commissioning.

Depending on the CPU type, the MC modules offer Microsoft Windows or TwinCAT/BSD operating systems. With TwinCAT as the automation software, the MX-System can cover everything from the simplest PLC control task to the most complex multi-core application with motion control, CNC, robotics, visualization, simulation, machine learning and much more.

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