MCxxxx | IPC modules

Robust industrial PCs of various performance classes

Thanks to internal motherboard development and production, Beckhoff can offer high-performance and scalable industrial PCs optimized for the MX-System in a highly compact form, in robust IPC modules from the MCxxxx series. The IPCs of the MX-System represent a variety of performance classes and can be flexibly adapted to application-specific control requirements. The IPC modules take control of the function modules in the MX-System and provide programmers and end users with a familiar, reliable, flexible and scalable foundation for carrying out a wide range of automation tasks. A comprehensive portfolio of modern CPUs is available for this purpose and is being continuously expanded. Likewise, technological trends in CPU development are carefully matched to industrial needs and implemented.

The MCxxxx series is available in the various sizes of the MX-System – depending on the thermal performance – and has a fixed slot in the system (first row, first slot), since as EtherCAT masters, they form the starting point of the EtherCAT segment. The IPC modules are powered via the 24 V supply of the data slot of the MX-System baseplate. The typical industrial PC interfaces for Ethernet, EtherCAT, UPS, display connection and USB are available on the front of the device as IP67 connections. The 24 V DC power supply of an operator panel is optionally provided via a connection to the industrial PC or the MS81xx UPS module.

The access points integrated into the back of the modules for replacing batteries and mass storage devices, as well as a USB port specifically for a license key, are a special feature.

The CPUs of the MX-System are directly connected to the heat sink side of the aluminum housing via heatspreaders. This allows a fanless design of the MX-System industrial PCs.

Depending on the CPU type, the MC function modules offer Microsoft Windows or TwinCAT/BSD operating systems. With TwinCAT as automation software, the MX-System can cover the simplest PLC control tasks up to the most complex multi-core application with motion control, CNC, robotics, visualization, simulation, machine learning and much more.

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