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EPxxxx | EtherCAT Box, system

The EtherCAT Box system modules support the construction of a decentralized, modular EtherCAT network and power architecture.

  • Hot Connect groups: The three address switches of the EP1111-0000 are used to set the address for Hot Connect groups.
  • Junctions: The junctions and branches allow the free topology setup of an EtherCAT network with three or more branches. At the same time, the additional voltage can also be brought onto the EtherCAT cable to realize an EtherCAT P segment.
  • Optical fiber: For longer distances of up to 2 km, the EP9521-0020 converts the Cat.5 signal (CU) to an optical fiber multi-mode cable.
  • Power distribution: The EP92x4-0023 boxes each have four 4 A power supply paths for EtherCAT Box segments.
  • EP9300: The EP9300-0022 acts as a gateway to the PROFINET world.
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