TR3056 | Beckhoff XTS – eXtended Transport System

This training course focuses on Beckhoff XTS. It is aimed at users who are familiar with TwinCAT3-NC-PTP programming and would like to learn the XTS system.


  • presentation of the XTS system:
    • mechanical structure
    • initial commissioning
    • diagnostic module
  • integration of the TcloXts TcCom module
  • configuration with the help of the XTS wizard
  • encoder system teaching procedure
  • error diagnostics
  • introduction and tuning of the TcSoftDrive
  • introduction to the TC3 XTS extension:
    • automatic accumulation
    • collision avoidance
  • diagnostic options
  • introduction to XTS Programming


  • machine developers or end users who are tasked with configuring and programming the Beckhoff XTS system.


  • experience in handling of TwinCAT 3 software
  • TR3025, TR3028, TR3030, or relevant experience in IEC 61131-3 programming
  • TR3050 or relevant experience with TwinCAT 3 NC Point-To-Point.
  • secure knowledge of programming in ST, Structured Text

Class times

  • 9:00AM – 5:00PM
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Beckhoff XTS – eXtended Transport System
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Motion Control
Training duration
3 days