TR3064 | TwinCAT 3 Training: TwinSAFE Terminals and Programming

Main training objectives include the integration and use of the TwinSAFE Terminals within the TwinCAT system, and the implementation of the TwinSAFE programming. Training covers the use of digital and analog (TwinSAFE SC) signals, as well as their associated function blocks.


  • Controls Engineers or Developers responsible for TwinCAT and TwinSAFE enabled machinery.


  • introduction to the TwinSAFE system
  • integration of TwinSAFE Terminals
  • development of a TwinSAFE project
  • overview of the TwinSAFE function blocks, including new analog function blocks
  • TwinSAFE SC
  • group parameterization, replacement values and deactivation
  • user management


  • experience in handling of TwinCAT 3 software
  • experience in dealing with EtherCAT

Class times

  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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TwinCAT 3 Training: TwinSAFE Terminals and Programming
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Training duration
2 days