Service products

Thanks to a well thought-out stock of components, Beckhoff can guarantee continuous long-term availability across the entire product range. Our products are characterized by long life cycles and are supplemented or replaced promptly where necessary and only by products with a higher performance and the latest technology. Nevertheless, discontinuations are sometimes necessary on account of market situations or technology. We inform you of this in good time via our Product Life Cycle Management.

Beckhoff is aware of its product responsibility even after a discontinuation. Of course we still offer you replacement devices, spare parts, and repair services in our global service departments even after discontinuation of the product. For example, spare parts and repairs are still available today for Industrial PCs that were discontinued over 15 years ago.

The availability of each Beckhoff product is clearly marked by its product status. Following the regular availability (series delivery), customers are informed of an upcoming discontinuation with the product status “Series delivery (not recommended for new projects)” or “Last Time Buy” respectively. In the case of products with the product status "Service phase", we offer you the possibility to contact Beckhoff Service for spare parts or repairs.

We will be glad to advise you about suitable successor products or alternative solutions.

Specific information on discontinued products can be found on the following pages, sorted according to our respective product areas. The product list may be incomplete with regard to customer-specific products or products that were discontinued prior to 2005. You are welcome to contact us in such cases.

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