Embedded PCs – DIN rail-mountable Industrial PCs


CX7000 Embedded PC series

The CX7000 Embedded PC can be used as a high-performance and cost-effective compact controller with the TwinCAT 3 software generation.

CX8100 Embedded PC series

With the CX81xx Embedded PC series, small controllers offer significantly increased computing power.

CX9020 Embedded PC series

The CX9020 is a compact, DIN rail-mountable Ethernet control system with 1 GHz ARM Cortex™-A8 CPU.

CX5100 Embedded PC series

The DIN-rail-mountable, fanless Embedded PCs from the CX5100 series are equipped with Intel Atom® multi-core processors.

CX5200 Embedded PC series

The CX5200 PC series supplements the existing devices of the CX5000 series with more efficient processors and a modular construction.

CX5600 Embedded PC series

The CX5600 Embedded PC series has an AMD Ryzen™ CPU with 2 cores.

CX20x3 Embedded PC series

The CX20x3 Embedded PC series has an AMD Ryzen™ CPU with 2 or 4 cores.

CX20x2 Embedded PC series

The Embedded PC series that features server processing power and Intel® Xeon® D processors offers up to 12 CPU cores on the DIN rail.

CX8000 Embedded PC series

The ultra-compact Embedded PC series with integrated fieldbus and I/O interface.

CX5000 Embedded PC series*

Fanless Embedded PC with Intel Atom® processor in a compact design | *Not recommended for new projects

CX20x0 Embedded PC series*

The CX20x0 have an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU or an Intel® Celeron® CPU. | *Not recommended for new projects

CX1010 Embedded PC series*

With a 500 MHz Intel® Pentium® MMX-compatible processor | *Not recommended for new projects

CX1020 Embedded PC series*

The CX1020 with a 1 GHz Intel® Celeron® M ULV CPU without fan or rotating components. | *Not recommended for new projects

CX1030 Embedded PC series*

The CX1030 offers Intel® Pentium® M power on the DIN rail. | *Not recommended for new projects

Embedded PC CX accessories

Accessories complement the Embedded PCs while complying with industrial standards.

Embedded PCs: PLC and Motion Control in a small format

PC technology and I/O level as a unit

With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff combines PC technology with the modular I/O level to make a space-saving industrial controller on the DIN rail. As standard, terminals from the Beckhoff I/O range can be directly connected to the right-hand side of every Embedded PC. The terminals are simply plugged into the Embedded PC; the contact is established by clicking into place, with no further action.

Due to the possibility to directly connect I/O systems, costs for additional couplers are eliminated, there is less wiring work to be done and a compact and a space-saving execution of the controller in the control cabinet is made possible. Control cabinets and terminal boxes can thus be made smaller and even more cost-effective.

Bus Terminals (IP20), EtherCAT Terminals (IP20) and EtherCAT Box modules (IP67) are suitable for the direct connection of the I/O systems.

Sturdy design

The Embedded PCs are mechanically very sturdy and can be used in harsh environments due to their high resistance to vibrations and shocks. An extended temperature range of -25...+60 °C (storage temperature -40...+85 °C) is offered as standard. Use in warm locations or in particularly cool zones is thus also possible. Due to this sturdy and compact design, many application areas and application cases in industry are conceivable.

Scalable performance classes

The CX device series combines the worlds of Industrial PC and hardware PLC and is suitable for control tasks in any power range. Every user will find an appropriate device in the Embedded PC product range: tailored to budget, performance class and the complexity of the control task. The CX family includes several basic CPU modules with different processors for optimum adaptation to the respective control task. The product portfolio ranges from small controllers with ARM processors to high-performance multi-core solutions with Intel® Xeon® processors and thus offers the user an optimal price-performance ratio.

The most suitable CX controller is selected on the basis of the expected complexity and scope of the automation program.

Modular control system for the DIN rail

The devices from the CX20xx, CX52xx and CX56xx Embedded PC series offer the option of a modular extension. Depending on the CX type, the controllers can be supplemented by extension modules and – depending on the task – configured as a modular control system.

As a result, different applications can be implemented on the same hardware, such as a PLC and Motion Control system with a DVI/USB interface or a multimedia system (building automation) with an audio interface.

Optional interfaces

The optional interface – a common feature of all CX devices of the second generation (CX9020, CX5100, CX5200, CX5600, CX20x2, CX20x3) – can be equipped ex factory with a variety of signal types and is thus the ideal interface extension for non-modular Embedded PCs: fieldbus interfaces in slave and master executions, additional extension modules are possible, optional interfaces ex factory and Control Panels as display devices can be connected directly via DVI/DP/USB.

Planning security due to optimal availability

Industrially compatible hardware, a careful choice of special Embedded CPUs and the well-conceived stocking of components are all aimed at ensuring the availability of Embedded PCs for more than ten years:

  • available for at least ten years
  • Last-Time-Buy subsequently possible
  • sustainable due to extended service

Customers benefit from long-lasting continuity and can manufacture standard machines over a long period. Costs due to software changes are thus consigned to the past and no longer need to be budgeted for.