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EJ2xxx | EtherCAT plug-in modules, digital output

The EtherCAT plug-in modules of the EJ2xxx series are intended for processing digital/binary signals. Unless otherwise stated, the high level corresponds to the supply voltage in the positive switching logic, the low level corresponds to ground. With the ground-switching logic, it is reversed. Different supply voltages are available for both types of logic.

In terms of technology, the EJxxxx EtherCAT plug-in modules are usually based on the ELxxxx EtherCAT Terminals with matching name. This allows initial tests to be carried out with EL terminals, while the corresponding EJ module on the signal distribution board is used in subsequent series production.


  • finely scalable channel density and functionality
  • maximum packing density for compact solutions
  • For some terminals the XFC timestamp function enables µs-precise synchronization of the switching process with other processes.

Areas of application:

  • switching of standard actuators such as contactors and valves
  • increase in machine efficiency/clock rate through XFC I/Os

TwinSAFE, outputs
The EJ29xx EtherCAT plug-in module series provides fail-safe switching of actuators. The outputs are controlled by a TwinSAFE Logic-capable component via FSoE.

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