PC-based Control for Printing and Paper Machines

PC Control for the printing and paper industry

Beckhoff offers open and flexible automation solutions on the basis of PC-based control technology. The scalability of the hardware and software components makes tailor-made solutions possible, which, as compared to conventional controllers, significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of printing machines. The Beckhoff range of products includes high-performance IPCs, a large variety of electronic I/O terminals, the EtherCAT high-speed fieldbus, the TwinCAT automation software and flexibly deployable Servo Drive technology.

TwinCAT integrates PLC and Motion Control functions and controls the individual process steps of the machines with high performance. In addition, a range of software modules are available for specific tasks: The emphasis is on gearing and cam plate functionality and the wide range of synchronisation mechanisms required for the printing process in order to be able to handle almost any number of machine axes.

EtherCAT and XFC for fast control technology

The basis for the fast process communication is the EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet system, which is ideally suited for use in printing machines. The fast communication between the I/O signals and the controller – without special hardware – offers the machine manufacturer undreamt-of possibilities: Motion Control with multiple axes, synchronised through distributed EtherCAT clocks, with nanosecond precision.