PC-based Control for Stage and Show Technology PC-based Control for Stage and Show Technology

Enabling your Creativity: PC-based Control from Beckhoff.

The creative and live entertainment industry is booming globally, and audience demands for spectacular stagings and special effects are growing at the same time. The right kind of automation will add an excitement boost whether the event is a theatre production, a pop concert, a theme park or even a trade fair presence. When it comes to engaging audiences with magical lighting or water effects, kinetic installations, fast set changes, animatronics or interactions in the 5D cinema, unrestricted creativity and previously unseen ideas are quite literally brought on stage for the artists and designers. As a “creativity to technology translator”, the system integrator becomes the interface, so to speak, between art and technology. This transforms the most ambitious creative ideas into technically-sound solutions – all with control and automation components from Beckhoff.

At the heart of the control system are robust, scalable Industrial PCs (IPCs) with TwinCAT as the integrated automation software. Together with EtherCAT, the Ethernet-based, real-time capable fieldbus, these IPCs offer a high-performance automation platform for integrating PLC, visualisation, Motion Control, safety technology and measurement technology. With more than 400 signal types, the Beckhoff I/O system covers the entire range of actors and sensors, from digital and analog standard signals to the integration of lighting equipment, Motion Control, and SIL 3-compliant safety functions through to Condition Monitoring. All requirements for precision control of moving objects are fulfilled by the broad range of scalable drive technology components, ranging from servo and stepper terminals for small motor control to high-performance Servo Drives.

Through open software and hardware interfaces, PC-based control is ideal for centralised or decentralised control of all functions involved in stage, show, and concert technology, such as moving objects, lighting technology, AV and media technology as well as Building Automation. In addition to integration of DALI, LON, EIB/KNX, dimmers and LED, the most commonly used interfaces are available to system integrators for connecting AV multimedia systems. With DMX, sACN, SMPTE Timecode, ArtNet and PosiStageNet, Beckhoff “speaks” the languages of the industry, ensuring the most varied areas of stage and show technology can be controlled on a foundation of standard control components. System integrators can choose the solution that best suits their applications in terms of performance and cost from the comprehensive portfolio of modular automation components. A host of high profile references worldwide demonstrate the successful implementation of PC-based control in all areas of mobile and stationary stage and show technology as well as in unique applications such as e.g. kinetic installations and theme parks.

Beckhoff is a member of:
VPLT, Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik e. V., (Association for Media and Event Technology)
DTHG, Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (German Theatre Technical Society)