Bus Coupler Bus Terminal Controller Digital input KL1xxx, KS1xxx, KM1xxx Bus Terminal - The modular fieldbus system for automation

The I/O signals are wired in a decentralised way to fieldbus devices or centrally to the controller. The available manufacturer-specific fieldbus devices with fixed input/output configurations and design often make it necessary to use an entire group of devices with similar functions. This costly method of signal acquisition gives rise to high material, installation, planning and documentation costs as well as high costs for subsequent modification or expansion. Inventory management and service staff are put under unnecessary strain. more


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Bus Couplers

Bus Couplers: The Bus Couplers link the modularly expandable electronic terminal blocks with the respective fieldbus system. The Bus Coupler performs all the monitoring and control tasks that are necessary for operation of the connected Bus Terminals.

Bus Terminal Controllers

Bus Terminal Controllers: The Bus Terminal Controllers are small controllers with a high degree of flexibility. They can be used as stand-alone control systems or as intelligent fieldbus slaves.

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: The Bus Terminals enable the connection of all relevant sensors and actuators.


Accessories: A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the Bus Terminal product range.