Exceptionally compact and intrinsically safe: EtherCAT Terminals for explosion protection

System overview

With the ELX terminals, Beckhoff combines highly compact remote I/O modules with safety barriers for the direct connection of intrinsically safe field devices such as sensors and actuators. The high resolution and accuracy of the ELX terminals guarantee the same measurement accuracy already familiar through the EtherCAT components for non-hazardous areas from Beckhoff. The compact design of the I/O terminals provides a further advantage: there are up to four intrinsically safe inputs available in a 12 mm wide housing and up to eight in the 24 mm housing type. Eliminating the need for external barriers leads to significant space reductions inside control cabinets, and helps achieve significant cost savings at the same time. With ATEX and IECEx certification, the ELX terminals comply with all industry-specific guidelines for explosion protection and can be used in nearly all markets worldwide, which reduces the user's dependence on different suppliers for different regions. The wide range of uses is also supported by the enormous variety of signals handled by the spectrum of Beckhoff I/O solutions: a suitable I/O module is available for every application. Using the ELX terminals, process technology users can implement extremely compact, cost-effective control system architectures and leverage the outstanding diagnostics functionality found in EtherCAT to help minimise system downtime.

Ordering information  
System terminals
ELX9560 power supply terminal, 24 V DC, electrically isolated
ELX9410 power supply terminal, 24 V DC, electrically isolated
ELX9012 bus end cover for ELXxxxx, cover for power and E-bus contacts, blue
Digital input
ELX1052 2-channel digital input terminal NAMUR, Ex i
ELX1054 4-channel digital input terminal NAMUR, Ex i
Digital output
ELX2002 2-channel digital output terminal 24 V DC, 45 mA, Ex i
Analog input
ELX3152 2-channel analog input terminal 0/4…20 mA, single-ended, 16 bit, Ex i
ELX3181 1-channel analog input terminal 4…20 mA, single-ended, 16 bit, HART, Ex i
ELX3202 2-channel input terminal RTD for 2, 3 and 4-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i
ELX3204 4-channel input terminal RTD, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i
ELX3312 2-channel input terminal thermocouple/mV measurement, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i
ELX3314 4-channel input terminal thermocouple/mV measurement, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i
ELX3351 1-channel analog input terminal strain gauge, 16 bit, Ex i
Analog output
ELX4181 1-channel analog output terminal 0/4…20 mA, single-ended, HART, 16 bit, Ex i
Position measurement
ELX5151 1-channel incremental encoder interface NAMUR, 32 bit, Ex i