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In analogy to the Beckhoff Bus Terminals, the EtherCAT Terminal system is a modular I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. In contrast to Bus Terminals, where the fieldbus signal is implemented within the Bus Coupler on the internal, fieldbus-independent terminal bus, the EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to the individual terminal. In addition to EtherCAT Terminals with E-bus connection, the proven standard Bus Terminals with K-bus connection can also be connected via the BK1120 EtherCAT Bus Coupler. This ensures compatibility and continuity with the existing system. Existing and future investments are protected. more


EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication: Outstanding performance, flexible topology and simple configuration characterise EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet technology.

EtherCAT G – Ultimate I/O Performance

EtherCAT G – Ultimate I/O Performance: builds on the principles of the successful EtherCAT technology but moves the available data rates up to 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s.


Safety: The integrated safety solution from the I/Os to the drives.

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology: XFC, the fast control solution, is based on an optimised control and communication architecture that is capable of I/O response times < 100 μs.

EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P: The new one cable solution – One step closer to automation without control cabinets.


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EtherCAT Couplers

EtherCAT Couplers: The EtherCAT Couplers are the link between the EtherCAT protocol at the fieldbus level and the EtherCAT Terminals.

Bus Couplers

Bus Couplers: The Bus Couplers for EtherCAT Terminals are used to connect conventional fieldbus systems with EtherCAT.

EtherCAT Terminals

EtherCAT Terminals: The EtherCAT Terminals enable the connection of all relevant sensors and actuators. The EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to the individual terminal.


Accessories: A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the EtherCAT Terminal product range.