EtherCAT Box (industrial housing) EtherCAT Box (stainless steel housing) EtherCAT P Box (industrial housing) EtherCAT Box (zinc die-cast housing) EtherCAT Box - High performance for harsh environments

High performance, compact and waterproof design


Robust construction allows fieldbus modules to be fitted directly to machines. Control cabinets and terminal boxes are now no longer required.


The modules in industrial housing meet the protection class IP 65, IP 66 and IP 67, are fully casted and thus ideally prepared for use in wet, dirty and dusty working environments. For use in extreme, harsh or corrosive industrial environments, modules in stainless steel housing in IP 69K protection are available. more


EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication

EtherCAT – ultra high-speed communication: Outstanding performance, flexible topology and simple configuration characterise EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet technology.

EtherCAT G – Ultimate I/O Performance

EtherCAT G – Ultimate I/O Performance: builds on the principles of the successful EtherCAT technology but moves the available data rates up to 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s.


Safety: The integrated safety solution from the I/Os to the drives.

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology

XFC | eXtreme Fast Control Technology: XFC, the fast control solution, is based on an optimised control and communication architecture that is capable of I/O response times < 100 μs.

EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P: The new one cable solution – One step closer to automation without control cabinets.


EtherCAT Box

EtherCAT Box: The EtherCAT modules cover the typical range of requirements for IP 67 I/O signals.

Stainless steel EtherCAT Box

Stainless steel EtherCAT Box: The stainless steel modules cover the typical range of requirements for the IP 69K I/O signals.

EtherCAT P Box

EtherCAT P Box: The EtherCAT P modules cover the typical range of requirements for IP 67 I/O signals.


EP1908: Digital Input EtherCAT Box for sensors with potential-free contacts for 24 V DC, TwinSAFE


Accessories: In addition to pre-assembled cables, field wireable connectors and cables are also available for maximum flexibility.