EtherCAT Terminals for mains monitoring, process control and power monitoring

Highly scalable: EtherCAT I/O product range for energy management

Energy management in machine operation and in the energy industries creates a wide range of demands, starting with basic monitoring of the supply network and process control to high-end power monitoring. In response to these demands, Beckhoff making an even broader range of EtherCAT Terminals available, which is exceptionally scalable in terms of price and performance.

Together with the proven EL37x3 power monitoring oversampling terminals (and the associated TwinCAT Power Monitoring software library), the EtherCAT Terminals for energy management provide a comprehensive product portfolio that can be optimally adapted to the varied tasks found in a wide range of applications.

The generation of EL34x3 sets different priorities. High-feature version EL3443: three-phase power measurement terminal with comprehensive Evaluations; Economy version EL3423: basic energy measurement, also in DC networks for IoT and energy management projects, for example; Mains monitoring version EL3483 | threshold value monitoring for voltage, frequency and phase with output of warning and status bits.

Via the distributed power management with the new EL3446 Terminal, real performance values can be determined even if voltage and current measurement is carried out at different locations.

The EL3773 and EL3783 power monitoring terminals are designed to detect the state of a 3-phase AC or DC voltage system.

The new SCT current transformers make it possible to implement reliable power sensor technology in the field which is directly integrated into the PC-based control system.




EL3483: 3-phase mains monitoring terminal for voltage, frequency and phase for the monitoring of relevant electrical data of the supply network


EL3423: 3-phase power measurement terminal for the measurement of relevant data for an efficient energy management system


EL3443: 3-phase power measurement terminal with extended functionality for the measurement of all relevant electrical data of the supply network and simple pre-evaluation


EL3446: distributed power management for real performance values of locally separated voltage and current measurement


EL3453: successor to EL3413: 3-phase power measurement up to 690 V AC with extended functionality


EL3773: Power monitoring oversampling terminal for the detection of the state of a 3-phase AC voltage system.


EL3783: State monitoring of a 3-phase AC voltage system for voltages up to 400/690 V AC and currents up to 1/5 A AC are sampled as instantaneous values based on the oversampling principle including automatic switching of current measuring range.


SCTxxxx: the comprehensive portfolio for implementing power sensors directly in the field


TF3650: Comprehensive PLC library for the evaluation of raw current and voltage data

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