The Beckhoff Hydraulic Library

The Beckhoff Hydraulic Library


  • software library integrated into PLC
  • replaces external controllers
  • suitable for hydraulic components of all manufacturers
  • supports different concepts and applications
  • any number of axes, only dependent on CPU

Suitable for

  • valve-controlled hydraulics
  • pump-controlled hydraulics (hybrid axes)
  • control of servo pumps
  • servo-electric axes with the functional scope of the hydraulic library
  • parallel operation with TwinCAT NC PTP/NC I/CNC (TX1250, TX1260, TX1270 or TC1250,TC1260, TC1270)
  • complex or interpolating movements in interaction with TwinCAT NC I/CNC (TX1260, TX1270 or TC1260, TC1270)
  • support of various axis couplings (synchronous, cam plates)


  • programming via certified PLCopen motion blocks
  • set value generators especially for hydraulic applications
  • coupling of the set value generators to NC PTP/NC I/CNC possible
  • free profile design through connection of customer-specific set value generators
  • support of non-linear gears
  • multiple-segmented movements (blending)
  • support of all necessary interfaces via Beckhoff I/O system
  • support of all common fieldbus systems
  • all process values in physical units, determination of force true to surface
  • support of standardised and application-specific controllers for position, force/pressure
  • bumpless transfer of force and position control
  • automatic identification of valve characteristics and axis properties
  • linearisation of characteristic curves
  • maintenance and commissioning tool for
    • axis parameterisation
    • valve parameterisation incl. characteristic curves
    • controller parameterisation
    • triggering of test commands
    • display of actual values

Technical data

PC hardware standard PC/IPC hardware, no extras
Operating systems Windows 7/8/10, Windows CE
Real-time Beckhoff real-time kernel as a component of TwinCAT
Runtime system TX1200 | TwinCAT PLC or TC1200 | TC3 PLC
Number of axes up to 255 axes
Cycle time typ. 1 ms according to hydraulic properties, shorter cycle times possible
Axis functions

standard axis functions: start/stop/reset/referencing, multiple-segmented motions
special functions: gantry coupling, master/slave coupling, cam plates, electronic gearing, non-linear gearing, automatic linearisation of characteristic curves

Programming via IEC 61131-3 programming with PLCopen blocks, axis commissioning tool
Debugging online monitor of all axis state variables, e.g. actual/set values, enable, controller values, online axis tuning
Configuration convenient configuration of all axis parameters
I/O system free choice of fieldbus: EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen, Lightbus
Connectivity variable access via OPC, Beckhoff ADS OCX/DLL


TF5810 | TC3 Hydraulic Positioning

TF5810 | TC3 Hydraulic Positioning: algorithms for the control and positioning of hydraulic axes

TS5810 | TwinCAT PLC Hydraulic Positioning

TS5810 | TwinCAT PLC Hydraulic Positioning: control and positioning of hydraulic axes